Since 1981, PMT has held a prominent position in the world of post-production.
But we are a little different than other post-production houses.


We’re more accessible, more attentive to client requests, more focused on collaboration. Behind our smiles and zen work environment is a talent for deftly turning problems into solutions and our meticulous ability to perform multiple operating processes.


Located in a former train factory that is filled with light and greenery, PMT is privileged to enjoy a unique workspace. Our clients and collaborators appreciate the calm and orderly atmosphere. As well,The team’s synergy is a palpable force that allows us to provide exceptional project management, expert technical guidance and impeccable customer service. We’re able to anticipate and recognize changes and quickly shift gears when necessary. our workspaces are designed to accommodate the many freelancers without a fixed office who make up part of our clientele.


The team’s synergy is a palpable force that allows us to provide exceptional project management, expert technical guidance and impeccable customer service. We’re able to anticipate and recognize changes and quickly shift gears when necessary.

Infrastructure and technology are important factors in creating a successful post-production house. But its true success is based primarily on the quality of its staff, and we’re proud to celebrate ours.

Post-production is complex and demanding. Finding solutions comes naturally to our team. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the field and mastery of the trade, we’re entrusted with projects that meet the industry’s highest standards.

Management team

Isabelle Gratton and Julien Masson have co-managed PMT since 2007, and they share the same values and passion for entrepreneurship. It’s a great example of the synergy and equity between a man and woman at a company.

Going at their own pace, these two independent thinkers stand out from the pack, paving a unique path for PMT. Innovative, attentive, bold, agile and respected in their field, they understand the importance of striving to be the best.

Coordination and project management

The project management and coordination group is a pillar at PMT. Each member of our team has extensive expertise and a thorough understanding of the various post-production processes. Our coordinators are skilled at bringing out the best in their teams, and managing conflicts, in addition to being expert negotiators. They oversee the technical aspects and processes for every production. Each team member is responsible for a project from start to finish.

Assistant editors

Our team of assistant editors is made up of people with tremendous value. They work day and night, seven days a week, and their contribution to post-production is essential. Each assistant editor is responsible for carrying out the preliminary work for editing sessions, colouring, mixing, video description and closed captioning while carefully respecting each project’s specifications.


PMT is without a doubt the only post-production house to have editors and assistant editors who’ve been on staff for several decades. Following the evolution of editing and technologies over the years has allowed them to adapt to the multiple technological production changes resulting from television channels that are now broadcast on multiple platforms. As well, their close working relationship with directors is a precious asset.

Close captioning and video description technicians

Inserting closed captioning and video description is more complex than it appears. Our high quality standards ensure that in addition to using the best available software, we work with experienced and meticulous teams to ensure the content we are entrusted with is faithfully adapted and accessible to the widest audience possible.

Administrative staff

At PMT, from reception to accounting, each employee has direct contact with our clients. It’s a big responsibility. Every member of our team is required to serve our clients with respect, professionalism, discretion and a cheerful disposition.



Project management

  • Complete and precise assessment of needs
  • Creation of detailed workflows and procedures
  • Project oversight

Image post-production

  • Editing on Avid and Premiere
  • Colour correction for digital TV and film on Resolve
  • HD, 2K and 4K finishing on Smoke

Audio post-production

  • Stereo and 5.1 sound editing and mixing on Pro Tools
  • Voice-over and narration recording
  • Video description

Assistance and video recording

  • Archiving and data management
  • Transcoding and video compression
  • Synchronization and classification
  • Quality control
  • Video transfer
  • Encoding
  • Digital distribution
  • DCP creation

Closed captionning

  • Closed captioning for the hearing impaired
  • Translation and embedded captioning
  • Transcription and verbatim

Great companies build their reputations on client satisfaction.

We’re immensely proud and grateful to present some of our clients, along with their testimonials.


Returning to PMT is like coming home to your family. It’s so much more than any other post-production house where you feel like a number. PMT makes you feel that your projects are unique, appreciated and refined like a precious stone that’s given the greatest care.


PMT is a team of attentive professionals you can count on to carry out your project from start to finish.


With FogoLabs, we’ve worked on more than 200 projects over 20 years across the globe. We’ve worked in lots of different post-production studios, and we’ve never found a place like PMT. Our projects are demanding and our high-calibre, international clientele require the greatest attention to detail. We’d place our trust in PMT any day of the week.


In 1986, I discovered a post-production house on La Gauchetière Street and I’ve followed them ever since, from René-Lévesque Boulevard to the Angus shop, and I will remain loyal thanks to their professionalism and talent!

Renée Claude

Why PMT? Out of respect for the people behind the scenes, and their passion for great results.


I love how friendly it is at PMT. The human contact is so pleasant and the team is so efficient. I’ve directed numerous TV series, and the editing takes several weeks. I’m always happy to come here. It’s a welcoming workspace, which is really important for creativity.


For me, this job is above all about human contact. PMT is a team of truly wonderful people who I’m always happy to see, plus they’re extremely skilled, enthusiastic and generous. I always feel good when I come here, and I’m always satisfied with the finished product on my way out.


When you edit your project in a former train factory, you know you’re on the right track! All aboard PMT!


For 18 years, PMT has helped to create several of my documentaries. Everything runs smoothly with them! Everything seems so easy. They support us and never shy away from technical challenges. They deftly adapt to the needs of any project, big or small. And what an exceptional workspace, brimming with light and inspiration.


For more than 15 years, I’ve had the immense pleasure of collaborating with the PMT team for my productions. From their editing and sound mixing services to coordinating every step in the post-production process, they are not only exceptional professionals but great people, too!


No matter the nature of the demand, the pressure faced, or the urgent need to mold your project into its best iteration, PMT will not only accommodate you, they will do it effortlessly and smile while helping you with the result.


Ah PMT! The PMT family feels like my own. Because that’s really how you become a leader in post-production services in Quebec, by making every client feel at home, supported by a highly qualified team, in a very inspiring atmosphere. That’s why for over 30 years I always insist that producers I work with finish our projects at PMT. Whether it’s for pre-editing, final editing, special effects, colouring, audio mixing services or closed captioning—or for all of them, as is often the case! It’s reassuring to know I can always count on the team of professionals at PMT.

From La Petite Vie and the Ti-Mé Show to major recordings for the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Francofolies, McCartney on the Plains of Abraham, and the many provincial holiday celebrations, every project deserves to get its finishing touches at PMT.


They have attention to detail you can’t find anywhere else, and they treat their clients like members of a close-knit, happy and creative family. The team makes PMT run smoothly, and Isabelle Gratton and Julien Masson approach each project, each problem and, especially, each solution with grace. PMT is an exceptional company where I’ve met collaborators who have become friends and indispensable artistic partners.


PMT has a warm, highly skilled and passionate team who takes our projects to heart. I feel at home when I work with them. They are always ready to lend a hand, regardless of the budget… they are partners I wouldn’t be able to do without. PMT is always there for us. Thank you for your excellent services.


I’ve been fortunate to work with PMT for editing for nearly 15 years. It’s always a joy and privilege to rediscover this professional, attentive team that goes above and beyond to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Whenever I return, I feel the team is eager to work together to complete my projects, from the smallest to the most ambitious. The atmosphere is friendly and pleasant and the staff is sensitive to all of my needs. Working with PMT has even become a way to entice editors when it comes time to assign them to a project. When you say PMT, it’s music to their ears!


Going to work at PMT is a true pleasure every time. There are no problems at your office, only solutions! You are professional, meticulous and friendly—what more could a director ask for? I couldn’t say.


they place their trust in us